Where Do We Go From Here?

  There have been a lot of stories in the media lately illustrating the decline of the United States. I have to say that I agree with the sentiment of others in the circles that I associate. We are indeed a Nation in turmoil. Everything is upside down from what it used to be. The dollar no longer buys what it used to. The streets are no longer safe for our children. Our politicians are not accountable to the people that elect them. And we all worry that we will not be able to live the “American Dream”.

So what has changed? I often ask myself that after long hours of listening to the news. See, I am a truck driver and an Army Veteran. I was neither born of privilege or exception. I am a working class man with working class dreams. I don’t want to be rich or influential. I want to be able to provide for my family and not struggle to do so. So when I hear that you are racist or elitist to express yourself on how you see things, I get quite angry. If I don’t agree with blacks burning businesses in protest, I’m racist. If I disagree with illegal immigrants being allowed to work in this country, I’m isolationist. If I think that the Federal Government is too large and should be reigned in, I’m either unfeeling for the poor that depend on government or I am an Anti government nut job. Call me what you will. Label as you please. I am an American citizen that has done more to defend and promote freedom and liberty than most politicians have that are currently serving.

So what has changed? When we return to this question we have to think of how we see ourselves. I used to see America as the land of freedom. Where you could forge your own path through life, and as long as your path didn’t interfere with others, you could prosper in a way that others in less fortunate countries could. I say I used to think that, because most recently I have begun to think that we are a nation of wimps and idiots that get offended by every little thing, whether that has anything to do with us or not. That we are a nation of lemmings that follow supposed “leaders” that dazzle us with campaign mottos like hope and change. That we are an apathetic bunch that can’t take time our from our busy lives to inform ourselves for one day out of two years to vote intelligently, if we even vote at all. We are a people guided ONLY by what feels good and what is considered politically correct. No longer are we a people guided by values such as honesty, integrity, and leadership. No longer are we rugged individuals guided by freedom and liberty. We have sacrificed that for the illusion of security that our government says they give us.

We can do something about this. While it does seem that I have a fairly pessimistic view of things, I do feel that there are more like me out there. People that believe in the rule of law and order. That believe that our constitution is not subject to the whim of one man in office or the Supreme Court. That believe that we can do better at governing ourselves at the local level than the Federal bureaucracies could ever do. So the thing to do is to wrestle the power away from the people that would enslave us to the handouts that guide our votes. We need an Article V convention of the States to Amend the Constitution. We need to amend it to set term limits, fix the suffering taxes that we fall under if we seem to make too much (by government standards), to fix monetary manipulation, to require congress abide by the same accounting that we as citizens are subject to, and to return the power of regulation back to the States where it belongs. It’s a daunting task. Never have we been in a situation where we are forced to take on so many issues. But after 50 years of neglect by our elected officials, we have no other recourse other than armed revolt which is only a last resort.

We can either be the generation that puts our country back on track, to where the founders hoped we’d go, or sit back and watch our country crumble around us, as empires of old were apt to do. I, for one, intend to do whatever I can to see that the country I love and have served does not go quietly into that good night. I’ll be writing my state officials to ask them to vote for a resolution to send delegates to a convention of the states.